Washington State nature photographer Peter James welcomes you to a world of color, of beauty, and of creativity. Visit his phenomenal nature photography gallery Fairhaven's Orca Building to see a huge collection of vibrant nature photographs from all parts of Washington State, all printed on large sheet of metal.  In his photo studio you can have custom business or personal photography done which can be printed on photo paper, or as Metal Prints. And subscribe to his YouTube channel to see videos about nature photography, watch nature meditation videos, or relax to soothing nature sound videos. You can also explore the global reforestation campaign he and his wife created together. All of these ventures are fueled by Peter's deep love for nature, and for connecting with people in our Pacific Northwest community! 


Join Peter in investing in environmental restoration. Planting trees works to restore the climate, while providing the resources needed to sustain all forms of life. It's easy to participate in this growing campaign which aims to help plant a trillion trees.

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Visit the best nature photography gallery in Washington State located in Bellingham, WA, or have your portraits taken for you family, wedding, pregnancy, newborn, business use, headshot or special occasion. Watch videos about nature photography, nature meditations, and listen to relaxing nature sounds on YouTube, or help plant trees. The choice is up to you. Located in Fairhaven's Orca Building, you are sure to have a great experience and beautiful results at the Peter James Studios